$50 Tattoo Voucher

$50 Tattoo Voucher

Tattoo giveaway!!

Hey friends, I’ve held out on this as long as I could.  Unfortunately, there’s no end to our work stoppage in sight, and the unemployment office hasn’t approved my claim. So I’m going to sell some tattoo vouchers, and give away a few tattoos as prizes. Hopefully this will give my clients a chance to help support my family, and possibly win a tattoo.

Here’s the rules:

Buy a $50 digital tattoo voucher, and you’ll be entered to win one of the 3 tattoo prizes listed below.  The voucher can be used on a tattoo with me in Philly or anywhere I’m traveling, as soon as tattooing recommences. Limit 4 vouchers/$200 per person.

1st place prize- a full day tattoo (up to 7 hours, must be used in one sitting)

2nd place prize- a half day tattoo (up to 3.5 hours, must be used in one sitting)

3rd place prize- a free palm sized tattoo out of my predrawn design book

All money spent can be used towards a tattoo when we get back to work. Think of it like a gift certificate. You can use it as a deposit when you book with me as well.

I’ll be picking the winners at the beginning of June (date TBD).